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Storyteller at heart

I’ve always loved telling stories. Whether it be through song lyrics, scripts, sketches or narrative the love of storytelling remains the same.

I started my writing career as a singer-songwriter turning my poems into songs. I placed runner up in the prestigious 2002 UK Songwriting Contest and the 2002 Andel Songwriting Contest (USA). I played gigs in the UK and Europe alongside acts such as McFly, Mark Owen (Take That) and Natasha Bedingfield. My songs were featured on compilation albums alongside Britney Spears and Shaggy and covered by other artists who scored chart placings in Europe and Asia.

In 2013 I was mentored by David Isaac (Office Monkeys, Coronation Street) and developed a sitcom pilot which was showcased at the ‘Three Minute Comedy Club’ in Manchester. This experience resulted in me writing for comedy groups, radio, podcasts and youth theatre..

I began telling the Granny Norbag stories to the children I taught in 2007. Parents would often ask me if the books were for sale as their children had been asking for them. Ten years later I finally got round to writing them down and presented them to my favourite artist Nick Oldham. Nick shared my love of all things Granny Norbag and we set out to create a picture book series to tell the stories of Granny and her pet parrot Engelbert. The first book ‘Granny Norbag And The Naughty Pirates’ was released in 2018. More adventures will be released in the next few years.

Following the success of the books I have written songs for Granny Norbag and an upcoming podcast series. However, I'm most excited about taking Granny Norbag’s adventures on tour. The Granny Norbag stage show will hit the road in 2020 and will focus on telling her first three adventures. The production will feature many of her hit songs such as Disco Bag, Engelbert and Yoyo. I really can't wait to share it with you all.

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