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15th March 2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hello my lovelies! I’ve got some exciting news for you. I’ve wanted to make a TV show for ages. Today I officially announce that it is coming SOON and I Need YOUR HELP!!!

Please send in....

Your pictures of me.

Photographs and videos of you pulling a funny face

Videos, photos and pictures of your pets

Video questions to me (I’ll answer as many as I can) Pictures of YOUR achievements and awards Videos of you showing a talent - singing/gymnastics/football skills or anything! Videos and pictures of what you’ve been up to - trips out, making things, baking, games you’ve played. Someone you’d like to give a special mention to - a photo and why they deserve a shout out..

Email in your short pictures and videos (less than 30 second) with permission to Can’t wait to hear from you all Love Granny Norbag

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