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27th April 2020

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. I’ve been keeping busy in my bungalow and looking after Engelbert the parrot. I’m also making new music and rehearsing my theatre show. My new song Bake was released last week and you can hear it here... Last Monday, I relaunched my Disco Bag Challenge and I’ve loved seeing you all dancing around your bags on social media.

Every Thursday, I am clapping for our NHS and key workers such as carers, shop workers, emergency services, delivery drivers, people who work in schools and many many more. I’ve got a rainbow colouring sheet for you all to colour, and display in your windows, if you want to.

I’ll be back soon as I’ve got something exciting to announce but until then keep safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. Toodle pip for now my lovelies, Granny Norbag 

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