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Remembrance Day

Hello my lovelies, I am so sorry that I’ve not had time to write more blog posts recently but I’ve been so busy making a film. I can’t wait to share it with you in 2021. So, here in England we have another national lockdown starting on the 5th of November. To help you pass the time I’m going to be putting a lockdown colouring sheet on my website every week. This week it’s a Remembrance Day sheet.

Download PDF • 126KB

Remembrance Sunday is also something that I look forward to in November. It is a time when I think about all those people who served their country during wartime. I’m old enough to remember World War Two and I spent time working on a farm during it.  This national lockdown will stop many remembrance gatherings taking place.  However, there are lots of ways you can still take part. The British Legion have a range of great activities for children on their website and you can also colour my picture and display it in your window to show your support. Toodle pip for now, Granny Norbag 

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