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10th April 2021

Hello my lovelies, March has been such a busy month for me. I’ve been working so hard on my new music with young William Price at Tunedin Music School. My brand new E.P. Washing On The Washing Line is out now and I want to give you some information about each track.

Here’s the Spotify link for the E.P. - you’ll find it on all streaming and download platforms too. Washing On The Washing Line - I sing all about hanging up the washing on sunny days in this song. It has a really catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. There’s even a tongue twister in the song that gets trickier as the song goes on.

Dinosaur Boogie - do you know your herbivores from your carnivores? Well it doesn’t really matter, as all of the dinosaurs are coming down to do the dinosaur boogie in this groovy tune. I’ve just filmed a video for this song at a really special location too. I’ll tell you more about this video very soon. The Granny Norbag Wiggle. Join me, Captain Oddsocks and Doctor Tuneless and get on your feet! This song is all about being fit and active and doing actions as you sing along. I’m sure you’ll want to do it again and again. Inspirational. This was the last song that was written for the project and I wanted to celebrate all the people who inspire me and make me want to achieve more. It’s a really uplifting dance song where I channel my inner Dua Lipa. None of this E.P. Would have been possible without Arts Council England funding. I wish to thank them again for supporting and believing in me.

Until next time.... toodle pip, Granny Norbag

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