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December 29th 2019

Hello my lovelies. Did you all have a lovely Christmas? I had a brilliant one but by ‘eck, I ate far too many mince pies on the day!  In my last blog post of 2019 I wanted to tell you 5 facts about my first ever song Disco Bag. 

1 - I recorded this back in February 2019 with my producer, William Price, at Tunedin Music School in Rotherham. 

2 - When we recorded the song we were inspired by lots of classic disco hits including songs from: The Three Degrees, Earth Wind And Fire, Kylie Minogue, The Scissor Sisters and Donna Summer.

3 - Joe Cummins from the B-Sync Dance Company choreographed part of the music video. 

4 - In the video clip, I walked on a piano, went spinning on a chair and flew! It was such fun to film it.

Here’s a link to watch it! 

5 - This song has had over 50,000 Spotify streams in 2019 and it is my biggest hit so far.

Toodle pip for now and I’ll see you all in 2020!

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