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2nd February 2020

Hello my lovelies,

I can’t believe we’re in February already.  It’s already shaping up to be a very busy month for me.

I’ve just released my brand new song. It’s called World Book Day and it’s to celebrate the big event on the 5th of March! 

What are YOU dressing up as this year? 

You can access the song and a downloadable PDF of FREE resources by clicking this link!

The resource pack has colouring sheets, puzzles, reading challenges, a reading chart and a super reading certificate. It’s designed for primary schools so please feel free to share it with any school staff you know! 

Come back next week for a sneaky look behind the scenes of my World Book Day Music video. I’m filming it over the next few days and I’m super excited about it! 

Toodle pip for now,

Granny Norbag 

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